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Monday, August 22, 2011
@ 9:12 AM

Welcome to Barnard College!!!!!!!! (If I could add a thousand more exclamation points, I would--unfortunately, I think e-mail has certain limitations.) My name is Colette and I am your Constellations Leader (CL). I'm a Senior at the college, majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in American History and Anthropology--the previous should demonstrate that I am as equally indecisive as I am ambitious. When I'm not burning my way through multiple boxes of ballpoint pens, I can be found acting in plays on both sides of Broadway, contemplating the layout of the two literary magazines I edit, or sampling all the french fries in the known Morningside Heights universe. I'm a Brooklyn girl who spends far too much time crafting and will always choose Britney over Christina. In case you want to know a little bit more about me (including how good I look in oversized headphones) or meet my fellow amazing CLs, peep the Constellations website. 

Now, enough about me, and more about the Constellations program and how excited I am to meet you and have this year start: as a CL, I am here to help you navigate the various communities that exist within Barnard and help you engage with each other, forming bonds and creating memories that will hopefully last a lifetime (cheesy I know..but true!) It's my hope that together we will explore all that Barnard, Columbia U, New York & its boroughs have to offer. Through Constellations, you will make your mark on the school and the city and become the bold, beautiful, Barnard women I know you all are. 

Excited yet? I am sure you are--and that excitement is well-deserved. I am in the process of planning various events that will take place over the course of the year, everything from roundtable discussions with special (read: AWESOME) guests to Brooklyn galavants. These programs will, firstly, introduce you all to each other, and take you out of your dorm rooms and away from your studying and show you how ~*~rAd~*~ being a Barnard lady really, truly is. In order to whet your appetite and let me finally see all your pretty faces, we are going to get together for the Barnard Loves NY event during orientation. On August 29th, Barnard Loves NY will see us and the other constellations visiting some of NY's most famed attractions. Bring your cameras or Iphones or smartphones or whatever you kids are using these days on the 29th, because this event is something you are going to want to have recorded. In order to make the process of getting to our destination a little easier, I'll ask that you all get a Metrocard ahead of time if you can--they are available for purchase in the subway station on the corner of 116th and $4.50 would be enough for the trip. Also, be sure to wear your Constellations t-shirt when we meet (you'll receive it as soon as you arrive on campus)--the Telescopium tee is the hottest item on the market. 
As a T.scope girl, you should join our facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/253707781315203/) and check out our blog (OH WAIT YOU ALREADY DID--THAT'S HOW YOU ARE LOOKING AT THIS RIGHT NOW!! YOU DA BEST!!)--these are places where I will be posting information on all upcoming Telescopium events, tips for your first-year in college, interesting articles and links, and various youtube videos of kittens. The FB group is also a great place to keep in constant contact with me and your fellow Telescopium ladies, letting me know about your interests, your suggestions, and responding to various questions I may have. First order of business--OUR NICKNAME/ MASCOT! Being that Constellations is an inaugural program, we have a lot of opportunities to shape it into what it will become for future Barnard students. Pop over to the facebook group and let me know how you think Telescopium should be represented. **Puns are enthusiastically preferred**
Alright ladies, I am well aware that this is a long and slightly rambly e-mail...in summation, check out the Telescopium blog regularly, and be at the Barnard Loves NY event on August 29th with your t-shirt on and Metrocard in hand--if you ain't there, you're [   ]. 
 I can't wait to meet you all, my shining stars. I hope your summer ends with a bang!
Colette McIntyre, your nerdbird of a CL
Barnard '12