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Sunday, September 25, 2011
TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT; Vol. I, i @ 11:16 PM

You are sitting in Butler/your bedroom/the second floor lounge/Central Park/Hungarian/an undisclosed location. You are dOin wErq. And then, perhaps, you are "doing work". Finally, you begin to do work. You pick up one class's reading assignment. You highlight. You digest. You draw doodles in the margins. You complete paragraph after paragraph aft--wait, what? Does that say what you really think that says? You reread that last sentence or two. Yes, it does indeed say what you thought it did. You laugh/cry/swoon/sing/philosophize/ponder/change your life goals. You look around you, eagerly--this little nugget of knowledge must be shared! But, alas!--no one is around you. You tell yourself that you will remember to share this with your roommate/BFF/Mom/Dad/significant other/CL but, as one so often does in this world of further readings, Youtube videos of singing babies, and Netflix, you forget. The priceless nugget disappears once more into literary anonymity. 

But I say, "no more"! "Taken Out of Context" is a space in which we share those rare gems of writing that we find within the pages of assigned readings--be they hilarious, strange, beautiful, inspiring or in any other way memorable and worth sharing. Place your contenders in the comments and I will continue to add your quotations to the post. At the end of the week, one lady's entrant will be chosen for the best nugget of the week. 
Each week, a new post, some new quotes, and a new winning nugget.
Let the reading & sharing begin!

1. "Scurvy knave! I am none of his flirt-gills; I am none of his skains-mates."
Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare 
{CREDIT: CM, your CL}